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touch of painted curls
random notes 
5th-Apr-2004 02:30 am
"...with trembling hands she reaches out, the stranger's flesh is offered...", "underneath my lucid skin.", "...if I sorted it out, traded it all for just one thing..."

Oingo Boingo's cover of Don't Fear the Reaper is yummy, I think.

Not simple. Maybe it should be easy, but if it isn't, so be it. There's work to be done.

unnatural, anti-natural. foreign devils. No should be.

Waves. toys, teasing.

"And he carries the reminder
of every glove that laid him down or
cut him
'Til he cried out in his anger and his shame
I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains."

Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

strength in numbers, Strength in Numbers

aging, atractiveness, poly, etc.

unconditional love? loyalty?

take a heart and pour,
quicksilver on the floor,
slide, says the penguin
a poem sweet and light,
moments shared thick and creamy

The Postal Service - Sleeping In
Craig David - Walking Away
Talking Heads

"when I wake up a random day and think how glad I am to have someone in my life"

devour from the inside like song

Rob Zombie - Dragula

Descriptions of light, medium, deep; scratching. Shaking from muscle fatigue, shaking from other.

Leonard Cohen, Voltaire, LesMis, Simon & Garfunkel, Sarah, Storybook Love, Frost and his paths, a single-worded poem, "but my body won't let go", forgotten ice, three pillows plus one, "Less clothing is good," demands, "Would you have?" "What kind of people do you hang out with?", not getting caught, a spoiled brat, arguing with Mr. Jackson about Sp.Ed., tickling.

"...what is it in me that refuses to believe..."

Interest and basic requirements.

Thinking about it, always because they didn't want me.

Playing with voices, Spanish in three months, accents come and go, a spell for chameleon. A shiver and panic, falling asleep. I refuse! You take, me when I say, not before. Suede on my wrists says no, but even so. You have the best friends. It's a long way down. Hot water and tall buildings.
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