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touch of painted curls
open-ended and unfinished 
8th-Apr-2004 08:42 pm
A moment of worship
for responses that leave room.
The sort I usually reserve for people.
The open door, waiting.

drop fingers heavily on the keys
and the sound builds, thick, slow
words in bold red, words
of the sort that makes you wonder.
think what you want. salute indecision.
goal number zero: accept where you are

so often the best thing is to let it be
like spinning clay, you can only guide a little.

So often I don't finish thinking something. I've taught myself to write it down anyway. It's helpful. And then I get people who want to read everything I write. And I get people saying: This makes no sense! (or This is wrong), and probably I know that, but I'm looking for something with it. I do like feedback anyway.

Why don't I put disclaimers on unfinished stuff? Disclaimers suck. They're no fun to write or read, and we know I like interesting communication, efficiency, et cetera. I'm not interested in telling you what to think of what you're about to read. And yeah, trust me, they suck. Besides, I don't really believe in "finished". I know when it's good. You know when it's good. We know, when it could be better. To quote Waking Life, "We are all co-authors of this dancing exuberance, for even our inabilities are having a roast. We are the authors of ourselves, co-authoring a gigantic Dostoyevsky novel starring clowns."

It's easier to find flaws than to build.

Hmm.. thinkystuff and wordstuff are having arguments, I'm going for a walk. :) If you set the place on fire while I'm gone, let me know in time to toast some marshmallows.
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