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touch of painted curls
ice cream, ui rant, broken bikes, surface fashion 
19th-Apr-2004 05:18 pm
I love my workplace:
"In celebration of our first over-80 degree day, there will be ice cream bars and popsicles out at the picnic tables at 3 pm today!"

The system tray is wrong. Why do some programs and tools set up shop as a little icon? Because it's busted. Some programs show up both in the system tray and the taskbar. Some give you both options. The taskbar gives you no options. Some system tray icons are like quicklaunch toolbar buttons, shortcuts to start programs. Some are control panels for system processes, some are little meters, some are just like programs on the taskbar. Don't decide for me. Just show the programs running. If I want to rearrange them, if I want to sort them, hide them, display them as icons, let me. But don't do it for me.

All the tools I want already exist in windows. Any file folder has multiple views and lets you arrange and sort your stuff. The quicklaunch and similar toolbar systems let you create custom groups of shortcuts and arrange and dock them. Just one small step, just delete some code. One UI to arrange them all.

The user interface wars are fun to watch. They constantly cross-breed, MacOS sleeps with Linux, everyone steals from Microsoft and Apple. And they spider the web, snapshot the Flash wave, they bring the movies home. Software developers breed hordes of abominations. If it's not a menu, it's a smart wizard with a docking toolbar behind his back. Look out. And in the masses, there's convergence. We give it a name and call it our own.

Three employees (I for one) here bought their first motorcycle last summer. All of the bikes need repair now. They are far too easy to damage. None of the riders were hurt.

The slow sashay from gloss to matte and back.
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