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touch of painted curls
20th-Apr-2004 12:13 am

is from a photo I took at a cornfield maze in Rhode Island, thinking of chryssaliss. This beauty prompted me to go chasing little butterfly/moths all over the place.

I felt like drawing a breast, in 50s vector art. I think I'd been browsing yummy vintage_sex and had a few minutes.

There's an idea in the first one I haven't quite found yet. The second was for pathetic_vivian. Both are made from pieces of watercolorisle, an afternoon's watercolor, on very thick paper.

A piece of impressions. The observer, the writer, the artist.

This is a combination of some [sexy] watercolor ink on paper and colors from inside a papaya.

Can you tell what it is? original

sunoverwaves. Coloring of an older inkwork. waves is similar, in pencil.

And lastly, this icon for shinyblogs, requested in February. There's also an animated version, but it needs resaving.
20th-Apr-2004 12:06 am (UTC)
Very pretty~ :)
20th-Apr-2004 06:07 pm (UTC)
Thanks much!
Some day I'll finally get around to posting another post so I can put that icon to use . . .
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