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touch of painted curls
spam and houses 
21st-Apr-2004 07:26 pm
One of my email addresses has spam problems. I'm using the server's spam solution, but it is very poor. I get false positives and false negatives. I'm thinking about dumping the address. Any suggestions?

I drove by the houses mentioned earlier.

The enpensive one, while sold, gives me hope that I will find something nice in that price range. That house has a lot of potential. Decent floor plan downstairs, nice wood floors and ceilings, good condition. Huge underdeveloped yard in need of gardening and landscaping. I'm beginning to see the appeal of fences, too. The neighborhood was nice, aside from a noisy dog right across the street (grr!). There were things that needed doing, but it's situated to become a really great house.

The middle one is situated a little awkwardly on a hillside. It's on a one-way street, and overlooks undeveloped land (trees) and route 4. It's interesting.

The houses I look at are generally very unique. My concerns are different with each one. (Though they generally boil down: Good location? Is it enough space? Is the space usable and aesthetically pleasing? Am I comfortable with the price?)

I've also realized, in shopping, how nice most of my childhood homes were. Very desirable.

Dwelling Question
chryssaliss: "Once you actually make a decision...and it is as set as stone as any decision could possibly ever be when we are talking about underwatercolor...do you think you are more likely to grow to love the place that you own, or do you think you are most likely to dwell on the unpleasant bits?"

I think I'll be thrilled not to have to talk to a realtor for years. That will outweigh any displeasure. ;) No, really... I think I'll be happy. (Or I wouldn't be doing it. :) I'll give two explanations.

Yours is the question. That's really what I'm thinking about, every time I evaluate a place. Are the problems things that I'll grow to love, fix, or try to ignore? How much work and how rewarding are they to fix? What will I miss, living here, and what will I be grateful for, daily? I agonize plenty over it. So I hope any place I choose will meet most of my desires and have relatively few problems which are outside my investment/return threshold for fixing. I think I have a fairly realistic idea how long many tasks take, and which I enjoy. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to live with things that don't absolutely need changing until I can't bear them anymore. This habit can be really unfortunate sometimes. Interesting train, that. I semi-automatically decrease my sensitivity to things that bother me until I'm ready to do something about them.

And there is an empirical answer to your question. With each of my previous apartments, I loved them for a couple years, then I wanted to move. I'm hoping to do better than that, but that is the data so far. There should be more potential for pleasure and improvement with a house and ownership. My goal is to be happy living there for four years or more. I think I'll do better than that, but if not, that's ok. In retrospect, some of my reasons were rather poor. There's also an element of wanting change. But that shouldn't be for awhile.
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