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touch of painted curls
nothing of consequence 
27th-Apr-2004 07:00 pm
2.5 hour interactive meeting with 60+ people on Friday. Whoa. :)

Saw two houses this weekend.

The first one was a 3bed 1.5bath in Rensselaer for $85k. It's a pretty house, and it had been renovated, and has a sortof garage. It had a nice turret off the master bedroom, new windows, mostly good condition. There wasn't much wrong with it, but it wasn't terribly exciting, either. It felt small in places, needed work in others, and the yard was all in front, which means no privacy.

The second one was the very small house I mentioned earlier. I'm not particularly interested, but I wanted to see it. Neat little place in good condition. I could live there. But I can do better.

I took some nice photos, but then the camera seemed to walk away.

We have a credit pool at work. It's kinda neat. People go out to lunch together so often that splitting bills at the restaurant is silly. So one person pays and enters the individual amounts into the pool. Everyone gets email, confirms the transaction, and the pool keeps track of who owes and is owed. It's a neat system. A little hard to explain, because you don't have to worry about anyone owing anyone else directly. The average balance is less than $20, although some people get up to $150 or so. The (web-based) software for this is developed by Chuck, openly on sourceforge, I believe.

I played a lot of DDR this weekend. Found RPI's club Sunday. I really should rest for a day. Rested. ;) I bought some hard foam pads on eBay last night.
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