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touch of painted curls
soaked in excess, sugar crystals at the edge of your smile intensity,… 
9th-May-2004 05:01 pm
soaked in excess, sugar crystals at the edge of your smile
intensity, yes, I have you cradled against my chest

I want no laws to protect me from myself.

"Did I thank you yet?"
"I will."

random scene from my head: She keeps talking, but the words fade into the air. He watches her steadily, the subtle way her hair moves, like everything in slow motion. I want to say "The image you have is not me," but words are best left unsaid tonight.

I dreamt. My dad was like the giant in Big Fish. We were in the south somewhere, and walking to Canada, in our separate ways. It was early Spring, and it would be cold there. I had some coats I found yesterday.

I remembered him asking if it was okay that he was selling our house and moving away. I said sure, of course. I'm hardly ever there, and it's his life. But sometimes I want to cry no. Sometimes it's worth staying put, and holding on, and travel gets weary. I've always been happy to move on, to be that baseless wanderer. I'm not done with that, but it's interesting to feel the roots tugging at my feet.
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