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touch of painted curls
Offensivosity in Leisure Suit Larry 
17th-May-2004 01:59 pm
from a game dev journal entry, linked by teliver:
I know this thing is running long, but I have to tell the story of the Greatest Meeting Ever. Very early on, we knew that one of the biggest questions on this project was how much we could get away with. As big fans of naked women, we knew we wanted to get as much sex and nudity in the game as possible. But we weren’t sure how much naughty stuff Sierra would allow. So one of our first meetings with Sierra was specifically set up to determine the limits of offensiveness for this game.

To prepare, I got to write up a ten-page doc listing every potentially offensive thing we could think of. Some excerpts from the agenda doc for that meeting:
o Bare breasts?
o Bare asses?
o Mooning? Wiggling it around while doing so?
o Nipples that are clearly visible through clothing?
o Can we show penises if they’re not being used for sex?
o Masturbation? (Implied masturbation? Indirectly showing masturbation?)
o Licking someone’s body? Licking their bare breasts? Licking their buttocks?

It was fun to find what people’s hot-button issues were. From the doc: "Here’s an actual conversation among our designers: Designer 1: "What if a girl wants a cigarette?" Designer 2: "I don’t want to show smoking in the game." Designer 3: "What if it’s a pot cigarette?" Designer 2: "Oh. That’s different.""

Then we got to read this big giant list of sex and obscenities to a big group of representatives from Sierra, including the guy who writes our checks and his boss’s boss. We expected chaos and uproar from this, but thankfully, Sierra surprised us by being as perverted as we are. They agreed to everything we could think of, and more. ...
18th-May-2004 04:08 am (UTC)
Have you ever played adult text adventures?

Some of them are enormously fun. I can point you at them, if you're into perverted and amusing games.
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