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touch of painted curls
20th-May-2004 11:52 pm

I spent the past couple hours bringing this sexy thing from Millerton, on the Connecticut border, to Troy. I do not own it; Chuck bought it for $2200. It had 1600 miles on it. It is a brand new bike, but from 2001. Wonderful responsiveness. So easy to ride. I am a little jealous.

It's not terribly comfortable for me; it's a little small, and halfway between leaning forward and not. The brand new engine and everything rather makes up for it, though... so smooth and fun. It's nice being able to trust the machine a bit more. ;)

Now I need to fix a last-minute bug.
20th-May-2004 09:41 pm (UTC) - mosquito
Get your hands wet and you can catch it *much* more easily. Also, play "bait" to lure it close - hold your arm out, get real still and breath in it's general direction. Breath as if you are sleeping. The mosquito will come up and land on your arm and you can easily squash it with a wet hand.

There's all kinds of science there I'm sure, about the carbon dioxide contents of different breathing patterns, and the aerodynamics of wet vrs dry surfaces.

Also vacuum cleaners (with hoses) do wonders as bug eradicators. :) Flies are about the only thing fast and strong enough to stand a 50/50 change of getting away. Works great for stinging things that you don't want to get near.

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