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touch of painted curls
while driving 
17th-Aug-2003 08:08 pm
This is probably my favorite scene in Gainax's 6-episode series furikuri. There are some sweetly poignant moments scattered throughout the piece.

Haruko: You don’t usually go to the beach, do you?
Naota: Not at this time of year. It’s too cold... AHHH! Look out! Your driving is awful!
Haruko: No it’s not.
Naota: I don’t like being scared... especially when I’m not wearing a helmet!
Haruko: You’ve got no brain! What do you have to be afraid of?
Naota: Hyaaa!

Naota (voiceover): The beach was closer than I thought, on that moped. The smell of the autumn sea breeze went right through to the back of my sinuses. It might well have been because my head really was empty, just as Haruko said.
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