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touch of painted curls
24th-May-2004 08:56 pm
Okay. This is a stupid post. It really is.

I'm not sure how "processing" came to mean some kind of relationship analysis.

Naming a process "processing" is like naming a variable "variable". (Yes, I'm a programmer. :p) It's fine until you have two processes. It's fine if you just want to verb yourself up a noun, but it doesn't communicate much of anything. It says, "Hey, context, I'm going place, do my job!"

My best guess at what it should be called is interspection. Looking at betweenses, a complement of introspection.
24th-May-2004 07:46 pm (UTC)
I consider it more like the pre-digital era meaning of "processing", as in "processed foods".
24th-May-2004 10:24 pm (UTC)
That's interesting on a number of levels. :) I think I might argue that "processed food" suffers from some of the same vaguery. Something was done to the food, but you don't know what. And "processed food" certainly has a negative connotation, partly because of this uncertainty, and partly 'cos the processes are nasty. :)

I'm not thinking the CS term (i.e. a thread) as much as process = "to do something [that has a product]". ;)

I worked with a warehouse boss once who was very big on processes and systems, very routine-oriented. He took it a little too far; to the point where people just wanted to work; the process was getting in the way.

You said you wanted things to be easy. And more and more I find they should be. Relationships can't be processed much; like living things, they can only be shaped very gently. But there's a line between not talking about things and trying to fix and control them. There's a way to do it that avoids excess, and flows smoothly. I think there's more to this. But perhaps what I'm thinking of as processing is a different thing. :)
24th-May-2004 08:59 pm (UTC)
Ok, this is a stupid off the cuff sleepy reply. ;)

I guess it is kinda like love. Love can exist with no action, and then love can be an action. Both states are called love.

Naw, that's not the same thing.

Maybe because the term processing is typically used for the process of working through issues concerning relationships, and then just got shorthanded?

(I gotta go look up inter vrs intro. ;)

There is probably no useful content to this reply, but I felt like making it anyway just in case. *;> I should go to sleep.
24th-May-2004 10:25 pm (UTC)
*giggles* *hugs* :)
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