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touch of painted curls
25th-May-2004 01:54 pm
Lots of stuff going on. Looks like I'll be switching projects at work. This pleases me! :)

I'm going to NYC for the next day. Hoping to see regyt, spin0za1, and [ummyeah unknown lj user]. Should be fun.

[random] Does anyone want a paperback of The Two Towers? There's a free one here.

sidhebird is planning to visit Troy, later this week, until later.

There's a karaoke and food and swimming party this Saturday. If any of you want to come, rsvp please. :)

Weird sleep last night. I got flashes of my oldest remembered nightmare. But I slept well enough.
25th-May-2004 12:09 pm (UTC)
I think that very precisely captures the definitiveness of my schedule. *:)
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