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touch of painted curls
1st-Jun-2004 03:22 pm
I haven't been finishing stuff I want to write about. I keep poking at it, but it clearly doesn't want to come out yet. Here's basic stuff:

I had a wonderful time with regyt, treyvadi, spin0za1 and others last week. Really. I miss you all. Oh, the love. (And don't spoil the doom. :)

Also had fun party Friday with chibiragdoll, mothwillowfrost, animejpop, seraphimwar, solledrache and many others. There was fire taller than I am (yay!), and cuddling, and lovely weather, and stuff. :)

Work is good; exciting. Unfortunately, my sleep's been all over the place, and I've got sniffles, now. :(
1st-Jun-2004 05:49 pm (UTC)
*patpat* I hope the sniffles go away soon. I wonder where you got them *looks around innocently* I shall have to make you chicken soup!! *squees and runs off*
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