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touch of painted curls
I only wanna eat candy and I hate the word nutrition Sounds like… 
17th-Aug-2003 09:24 pm

I only wanna eat candy and I hate the word nutrition
Sounds like neutral that's like nothing, that's like neither here nor there
And my body speaks to glaciers far away as I can envision
And only ice can crack the ice or maybe diamonds if you can spare 'em

But I'm not lucky I'm not lucky
I'm not lucky never was
I'm not lucky I'm not lucky
Don't know why it's just because

He gave me a rose as red as my lips, redder than the dead sea dying
Red's the only honest color - after all we're flesh and love
Still I'm blacker on the inside than I ever would have imagined
And I can't be idealistic after all that I have seen

And they tell you that your blood is purple 'till it hits the open air
He was open I was selfish but even selfish artists share (sometimes)
Love is quiet until it's screaming, suddenly you lose your bearing
And become as hard of listening as you are as soft of soul

I've had all I ever needed, never needed nothing grand 'cept
Poison in my ear like Shakespeare
Even kings and queens are grains of sand
And can't a woman hear a love song without feeling repossessed -
I believed only what I please - now why can't I say I did my best?

And I'm pleased to meet this time and place even though it's
Not what I've been waiting for - I do believe that I am grace,
It's just that I'm not ever sure why ...
Stubborn is what I do best it fuels my art it fuels departing
Deepening the bond between yourself and selflessness

You're an angel and I'm a vampire and you
Wake me up at the crack of dawn and I
Lash out in anger when you
When you tell me that I sleep too long...

When you tell me that I think too much
When you tell me that we do not touch
When you tell me that I paint too dark
Wonder if I'll ever catch the spark

~crack of dawn, rachael sage
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