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touch of painted curls
words are food and friends 
19th-Jun-2004 02:42 am
...and make you sweet cream crystalline honey choked in cinnamon, the raspberries fed one by one, the graham from cheesecake and chocolate all over the world just a taste and... multiple peaks, colors and crystals exploding and falling waterfall shower music and laughter, peel away the clothes seeking fruit. And sing song pounding on my heart, chisel beat by beat into a fine collection. No, that's not it. No pieces, unshattered, unbroken, compressions every time the weight leans this way, response stronger, building and throwing the power, flywheel at speed, chaotic pendulum in flight. It's the one who doesn't believe in magic who's born with it all, and he calls it a curse, shakes his fist at the gods he denies. You say gimme all you've got, but how much can you take? Can't wait for the next beat. Lay all the verses on each other, shine a light through and try to understand all the patterns together, because each one is too much and I'm thirsty. It's the moment of hesitation, a few quick steps, stumble this way and that, search for words, falter and fear, it only takes one and they all fall in place, swiftly, spinning, smoothly, sure and flowing. Someday we'll toss it, like hair in your eyes, and just so quickly change your life. I am here this weekend, this moment, and let me tell you how. No, let me show you. Touch, come, feel this, close your eyes and ride with me. If it's a stream, a ripple's a wave, if conscious you would know... admiring the shimmer of the world from the inside of a droplet caught in a wave as it sweeps tumbling toward shore. Words are food and friends. "I regret nothing!" like a battle cry, or sweet and softly. Did you mean to whisper by my ear, or was that a gasp - did you have to? Or slowly, relaxed and bathing in the air that fills you, one by one, the whole body synchs to that pulse, drinks deeply or shallow, and if you let me share, mmm... as an instrument, breakfast, or company.
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