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touch of painted curls
thick slices of heaven 
29th-Jun-2004 08:51 pm
Alright. I haven't updated in forever. Last weekend was spectacular. sunspiral's party had billions of neat people at it. I wish I'd gotten to meet more of them, but... next time, mehopes. There was yummy food and cuddling and scritching and fire. I got to see regyt (*purr*) and her firespinning in person. Also with the meeting of australian_joe, but I reveal nothing, here. ^^ Welcome to new readers electricube, kkpixie, and sunspiral, hi! to everyone else.

electricube and I went off to visit minerva42 on Sunday, whom I've missed seeing lately. There was rampant glee in touring her home and hometown, topped by canoeing downtown for pizza. Everyone should coax electricube into singing, if they can. It is heavenly.

*hugs everyone* :)
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