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touch of painted curls
No fantasy, but desire on a platter. She pleads with her eyes. "No,… 
2nd-Jul-2004 11:57 am
No fantasy, but desire on a platter.
She pleads with her eyes.
"No, girl. You have to say you want it."
A lie? Who knows; he's not letting go.
A strip of leather trails loose from his wrist.
This fractal life, in the details.
Tendons waiting to snap.
power coiled, release it all at once
I swear, they would wait for you;
What moon or star would dare move
with your gaze upon it?

my motivations are myriad:
a thundercloud-darkened sky,
to spend another day with you.
living this life, alone and together.

speak not of love
speak not of forever
speak of moonlight and philosophers
and I'll know you mean it
moments overcome

on love of purity
Now when I taste cranberry juice, I know what part is cranberry, the sugar, water, what other juice.

a cloak covered in symbols
I'll not hide in crypticism always

moments of weakness

crystal kisses, heart of glass,
sing one pure note,
don't you want to?
one of a hundred
in a chandelier
windchimes forgotten
singing to the tree

and dreams that want to wait
two lovers that keep looking
knowing they will be together
a laugh is love
harsh mistress, as you are
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Jul-2004 11:58 am (UTC) - ye of little...
faithless dragon of logic
in a circle of shredded wings
that would all dance to your beat
sweep a fearsome tail to your flight

faithless dragon of logic
* quietly, I watch you from afar
your shrieking here is a low whistle
* its blanket permeates my soul
you calm my skin and feed the fire
* Envy flames, wishing I, too, could rage freely
each curve calls my spirit to your spiral
* Rising, I cast off fear and doubt
without pause beat white-furred wings once, twice
* Suspending the disbelief until our paths intertwine
and darken the sky with illogic and certainty
* Only the thundercloud of change can be embraced
Not even. "Fly without air," you say, and show me how.
* Breathless, without moment to think I cannot, I succeed.
Afire and aglow, never done, we know.

* is by chryssaliss
2nd-Jul-2004 12:06 pm (UTC)
*grin* :)
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