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touch of painted curls
4th-Oct-2004 03:16 pm
I'm really not updating LJ lately. But, in short:

Thanks and visits!
bkleber is an excellent host. Much fun and gaming and meetings of peoples was had in Baltimore. I was thrilled to meet him, jalenstrix, kittenscribble, reene and many others, plus see the fabulous regyt and treyvadi again. bkleber makes really neat jewelry and kinky leather stuff. *shows off suede collar* It's wonderful stuff, and I recommend it. :) He has a jewelry website, but does not advertise the leather goods, currently.

sunspiral's End of Summer party was much fun. Thank you muchly for having us. :) Hello to new people!

superfinemind and minerva42 make me go squee! Hearts for them. :) cos was here. Yay! :) And kkpixie is coming to visit, later this month! :)

Life is crazy and beautiful. I love it. :) *scramblescrabblesleepworkwakemiao!hugs!thinkthink*

*hugs* Hope you are all well!
4th-Oct-2004 07:34 pm (UTC)
*kiss* can't wait to see you^.^
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