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touch of painted curls
nights of everything 
17th-Nov-2004 03:39 pm
There was a girl I'd trade souls with, on lonely afternoons,
while frost crept up the windows or the rain ran through me.
"Someday you won't have me," she'd say, and I knew.

In the midst of one conversation, the one that never ends,
"Speak in symbols and images, and touch them once spoken."
I liked blending colors, and she'd tell me to press harder.
And I did, and shared a smile and secretly watched people,
"Say something, say anything." And me praying for words
that seldom came, and always she'd wait,
and give it all away. And I'd wonder
until my hands were full of penny thoughts.
It's 3am on full current, wishing it would stop.
"They're lighting the tunnel brightly tonight,
and you wanted to dance naked on the railroad bridge.
Let's go." I don't remember what happened:

The night is endless, and I'm still sleeping in the morning.
The windows are all open, leaves and birds flutter in,
the hardwoods taste rain again, slowly, a forgotten drink,
Eyelids still, days like riddles whisper their secrets
to sleepy ears. "Never fear, it's only something new."

Still sleeping when I come home from work,
And she shakes her head, "That's no way to live."
"I'm going out. Want to come?" In a purple swirl,
my dreams followed that dress into the night,
chasing streetlights' reflections in the rain,
and the echo of our voices aflight by the river.
"I wonder where the daylight's gone." and blinked.
"We always learned that days got brighter."
She said it like she'd never looked back.
and hid a warm breast amid cottons and sighs.
"I give you everything," she laughed as she ran.

I awoke one day as if I'd never sleep again.
Autumn kissed our lips as her leaves played with the sun.
A fever's dancing in that icy night wind,
and I watch the revelers through frosted windows,
and by melted firelight sneak into bed.
with feelings to last. "Someday, words too,"
a quiet promise, kept with the rest.
"Promises are for keeping," I know.
17th-Nov-2004 08:52 pm (UTC)
Mmmmmmmmmm... *sighs happily*

You should write more often.
17th-Nov-2004 09:04 pm (UTC) - "That's no way to live."
it can be so effortless, i almost forgot.
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