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touch of painted curls
another scribble 
27th-Nov-2004 10:19 pm
28th-Nov-2004 06:33 am (UTC) - oh my. Had fun with this...
I see a seal, the swimming sort.
A pheonix, lit with flame.
I see a pair of waiting lips.
A devil's tail.
A firestorm.
A mountain lit by the fading sun, running red with the blood of the earth.
There is a ledge aflame. It's allowed, the flame is red and magenta, not orange or yellow.
[There can be no orange flames, as I recall.]

It is difficult to back up and see forms in this.
I see raching hands, stretching limbs and waving arms.
That black dash by the volcano -
it is a grin,
a wink,
raised eyebrows and confident smile.

Adele Sessler's image, the lowest one especially, continues my thought. The two on the left side also compare.

There are rainbows, of course.

Rotated, the pointy bits facing up.
Your hair is on fire, breath steamy,
breathing musical notes
or words.
A shoulder here,
an arm bent upward, a finger gesturing,
to explain,
to teach.

Or is that bend
a curve
of skin?
A brow, nose following down from there,
sternly gazing down and to the right.

The more I rotate it, the more that seal looks like a snake
or a dragon.
With its black eye.

Rotating 180, it merely looks upside-down.
The flames spread out where they should shoot upwards, and the smoke and steam flows downwards.
The whole thing looks colder.

Pointy bits facing downwards...
Sloping shoulders,
The trail downwards,
to the tattered remains of her blue dress.
The line downwards
is actually
and earial view
of a mountain ridge.

Letters, then. Right-side up, reading standard, left-to-right, in two lines, one above the other.
blues. b and k and j...like the word ocean, but with more o and c and less red and orange, ean.
I tend to avoid magentas and pinks. m comes to mind. the darker purples bring p, reasonably enough.
reds, purples. erp.

whites and balcks and fires disassemble into binary strings and oi and neamat101011

greens go gahl, mint ads j. redbluepurpleredpurpleredpurple... and whites. and a balck smiling slash.
rib. ribe? bribe. crib. crie. cried. kill, kile, lie, bide, rue [ignoring the whites].

That's what I have, for now.
28th-Nov-2004 06:41 am (UTC) - Re: oh my. Had fun with this...
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