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touch of painted curls
18th-Jan-2005 12:34 am
maybe suddenly, beautiful, maybe
more like a stalk, than like a vine
every one of them a winner
truth and beauty bombs
never without them
different, and yes
the warm water was your voice
rivers of hours, time is so rare

it's one small step, the finest line,
it's that razor's edge I live for,
and it's the subtle differences,
the almost synonyms for me

there's a lot of staring into space
sorting out the details
of forgotten stars, misplaced words
reading you, watching fire,
from a comfortable floor

enjoying everything I do

they think you're giving it away
just to keep it
it'll be a bittersweet victory
if they ever find
it has to be that way

the cube keeps turning
17th-Jan-2005 09:55 pm (UTC)
I want to be in one of your poems someday. ^_^

(is the politest way she could think to say it.)
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