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touch of painted curls
firespinning, Beginning of Summer 
24th-Jul-2005 08:47 pm
Photos of fire from sunspiral and roozle's wonderful party. Performers are regyt, water_childe, buxom_bey and others. Taken with a Canon s500.

The last one is my favorite. All flashes are from other cameras.
11th-Aug-2005 04:31 pm (UTC)
Mmm. I like the sX0 series too, from what I've seen. We have an s30 somewhere. :) You have a few more manual features, I expect. What I really want is a bigger lens, so I have more choices in low light. Not sure how much difference it would make.

The aftermarket battery I got is junky, too. :)

We have 256M and 512M CF, and usually shoot at 3MP. It's pretty hard to make 5MP worthwhile (never mind necessity, given that I mostly web-publish), given various sources of noise.
11th-Aug-2005 11:35 pm (UTC)
probably what i would buy other than a Can0n battery, is a battery BRICK that powers the camera for days... :)

low light - yah - can't beat a large fast piece of glass, faster the better - or a telescope hookup ;)

now, the fact that CCD "sees" IR and UV pretty good (despite the UV filters)... perhaps you could play with a filter to block visible light, and shoot IR :) especially during the daytime - it's creepy.

low light trick i like - tripod - fixed focus with a mild light source behind something like a bush/tree, and long exposure. run around in front of camera, multiple positions split across seconds, different people, have two people in frame, have one run away... ghosts and all that :)

i was DYING that my craptastic 35mm film camera couldn't do THAT. *cry* current thing i want to try: long term time lapse - direct connect to computer, take pictures of flowers and such; but also stop-motion :> claymation/etc...

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