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touch of painted curls
19th-Sep-2003 12:21 am
something in a minor key
the chill of finding balance
a slow turn, comfort
fear, a familiar rhythm
chocolate hiding in white

While shopping, I was thinking it's neat that Seventh Generation based a company on a quote. It's a good name, a good image for them. I also notice more and more products with cute, memorable names.. it's not just blueberry-pomegranate juice, it's Pom Wonderful. Fancy bottles, naming, microbranding, marketing. Good stuff. I got organic raspberry lemonade and guacamole-flavored chips. Feeling very California, I suppose. :)

and a rather uninspiring corollary from the cynic:

in every decision, the result is determined
by the resolve of the previous seven generations.

I can think of two readings of this. One is like a demotivational poster: If your parents were out of luck, don't bother trying yours. ;) The other is that success is more often judged by aged standards than by current ones.
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