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touch of painted curls
the i.e.e.e.c. stream 
9th-Oct-2003 10:23 pm
.indicates.possession.sub semicolon is, not quite done; but separated; stop. ?wild 'character', /switched better of two; anything * anytime I <3 mail @ space means nothing ^ or | raised % escape from text with $power \ path and special # override _underwrite subtle suggested directive "not quite" [optional, placeholder] sequence, list, choices || take them all - & except this one && it's not logical ^^ but u() got a function // this cannot hide (maybe important (maybe not)) -> to somewhere else -> + single afterthought emphatically ! not ~person : other half {grouped} = into result.
10th-Oct-2003 08:50 am (UTC)
That made sense. I am a geek.
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