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touch of painted curls
various news 
15th-Oct-2003 03:45 am
Lovely fall weather. It's raining steadily right now. Not cold, just cool, even this late. The leaves seemed to be near peak in places this past weekend. I expect this weekend to be good, too.

I have a cold and am not very productive. Yesterday I went riding and crashed my bike, and today it wasn't where I left it. That's all a bit funny since I was thinking about getting rid of it soon. I was thinking more along the lines of selling it, but life may have chosen a more hassle-free route. Crashing sounds a lot more dramatic than the actual event, which is much closer to sliding out or falling over while stopping. In either case, my initial inspection would list a front end problem, broken mirror assembly, broken shift lever, and some leaked gasoline. (The mirror actually fell out and got run over by a car shortly thereafter, for the superstitially curious). I'm not hurt - I like... bruised my elbow and scuffed some leather, in other words nothing at all. I should remember to brake correctly, rather than in a sliding on the road kind of way. I will need to call the police and inquire as to my bike's whereabouts, I suspect they had it moved; but in the meantime, I'll just hope it's been stolen. :) A half dozen people offered to help me after my accident.. was nice. I still got to my haircut and go meeting without much delay.

I have trimmed curls. It's been so long since the ends were last even that it surprises me. Very nice. It only took a few minutes to cut my hair.. took longer to comb it. I am pleased. I still think it's very odd that the place charges more for cutting female hair. The five of us pretty much commandeered their busniess for the evening; three long-haired guys and two shorter-haired girls. Yay for breaking stereotypes en masse. :)

While getting hair cut, someone was wondering who sang the songs that were playing. It's funny; there was a time when I didn't know any of the artists; now I can recite them easily. It feels like humans have a special and efficient cache for the likes of media and their accompanying performers, these things designed to be memorable. I've got some fairly sappy 80s and 90s pop in my head lately. :)

My new car is getting fixed up. The estimate is $700 something, which is about what I was expecting. The rear brakes were bad, some hoses in front. They found a bad circuit breaker (rare) and some corroded wires. I'm driving my Jetta in the meantime, which is pleasant enough.

I've got a lot of thoughts running around in my head, particularly after 2am. This is neither condusive to a good night's sleep 'nor to work in the morning. Which is not to say I'd prefer an empty head, but I really should teach it some better timing soon.

Been watching Hikaru no Go after work. It's fun. The plot could be faster and characters could have more subtlety/depth, but I still like it. I would also happily spend more time watching the Go games, but I'm not the general audience. I suspect that this series has done wonders for the popularity of the game, in Japan and worldwide. Go is a wonderful game. I'll discuss it in more detail sometime soon. I've been enjoying the meetings quite a bit.

I'm feeling short on time, often. It reminds me of a scene (my favorite scene) from Heat, where the cop and the robber sit down for coffee and have a heart-to heart. They each retell a recurring dream: DeNiro's is about not having enough time, not enough time to do the things he wants to do. He's not doing them yet. Mostly I just want more time to do the things I'm doing now, but I can't decide, so I'd call it some of both. Usually when I feel this way I need to be more patient with myself.

So I laugh a little as I love the rain. Umbrellas amuse me. I remember brightly colored ones, black ones as an escape into anonymity, musing over a curiously lasting invention, recycled and loved ones. I remember a museum's print of a rainy funeral procession, beneath dark umbrellas in inks pressed with exquisite skill.
15th-Oct-2003 01:07 pm (UTC)
hrm. okay.. you had a motor bike and you broke/lost it? ;P horror!

funny hair cutting dates

and for heavens sake, how many vehicled have you got?
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