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touch of painted curls
"call me tomorrow" "today's tomorrow" "then call me later" ~ Say… 
10th-Nov-2003 01:19 am
"call me tomorrow"
"today's tomorrow"
"then call me later"
~Say Anything

I have Hikaru's shoes from Hikaru no Go. Truly. These are my shoes:
oakley shoethree

For those who don't know, Hikaru no Go is a Japanese animated series about a boy becoming a professional Go player.

Actually, fan art depicts Hikaru wearing this model, which is the same yellow suede but without laces. I have these in black, but the laced model is much better.
oakley flesh

I wonder if the show actually used my shoes as a model. It looks like it. More pics:
more views
more views
All of these images are nicked from a Korean online store. Oakley no longer advertises them. I love these shoes. They suit me. They're great for doing anything, very comfortable, they're one of my favorite colors (a tasty straddling of yellow and orange, advertised as goldenrod), they're nice suede leather. I should probably try to find another pair. They do tend to get dirty easily.

These instructions are also wrong:
spyware ad
I despise spyware.

This is incorrect:
"Results 1 - 1 of about 2."
~Google :)
I love Google.
12th-Nov-2003 08:57 pm (UTC) - hmm...
I love Say Anything. Of course, I love most 80's films.

And the shoes are cool too.
12th-Nov-2003 09:21 pm (UTC) - Re: hmm...
Ooh.. a passerby! :) Hi! *hugs*
Hehe. We don't get many visitors around here. ;)
*peers at you* :)

I picked up Say Anything at a yard sale a couple months ago. Hadn't seen it before. :)
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