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touch of painted curls
yellow shoes, black shirt and jeans, red velvet hat: this is how I go… 
10th-Nov-2003 04:53 pm
yellow shoes, black shirt and jeans, red velvet hat:
this is how I go out today.

an eyebrow half white, half black
a song that starts in the middle
a story never ending
scattered like gingerbread crumbs
in the lives of your friends

I am thankful for:
(stolen from byong and America's Sweethearts)
Sarah Mclachlan
the internet
clean clothes :)

Tracking my time today at work is interesting. Helps me focus on what I'm doing.

I called in for a radio contest today... solledrache told me to call a number when they announced my birthday on a local radio station. I think I might've been the first caller, but it just kept ringing, so I hung up and called again. Then it was busy, then someone else had won once I got through. The thing that amuses me is how I then felt like I'd lost something, 'cos I was close to having it. The prize was a year's worth of tickets to every event at the Pepsi Arena. It made me feel significantly better to look at their event schedule and realize that there's hardly anything I want to see there. Mmm.. sour grapeses. :)
10th-Nov-2003 01:59 pm (UTC)
Come on, you don't want tickets to see Sponge Bob on ice?
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