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touch of painted curls
Played some go. I kept getting a stitch in my side due to the way I… 
11th-Nov-2003 01:17 am
Played some go. I kept getting a stitch in my side due to the way I was sitting. Today was a 9-stone handicap game against Wayne, an even game against British Chris, and an even 13x13 against Chris S. By some magic and some handicaps, I've been winning all my games at the club lately. Ever since I lost to Yong-Bae.

I played Wayne with the largest standard handicap and some pointers (but no take-backs). He's the second best player we have. He resigned fairly late... said the spread was about twenty points. His pointers were mostly at the beginning of the game, some joseki (opening sequences) and strategy for handicap games. He talked a bit at other times, but about general things, well resisted my fishing for help. I think his game was a little off today... he lost by a landslide to Yong-Bae, and I think I caught him off-guard a couple times.

The game against British Chris was riveting and nerve-wracking. I stole a large corner of the board from him, then foolishly lost it back and then some while trying to win something else. I was tempted to resign at this point, not so much because I was behind (though I was) but because I was sad. I had to struggle to connect a few pieces after this, but once I did, I found I had cut off a huge group of Chris's stones which did not have two secure eyes. A large and satisfying fight ensued to deprive/sustain a second eye. It ended up with four or five false eyes, but only one true. Dead as can be and game over. We played a bit more anyway. In retrospect, some collosal dumplings he made early on (with helpful prodding from white) were what bit him for most of the game.

I was exhausted after that game and resisted playing for a bit, but Chris S. was really begging for a game, and I gave in to a smaller board. The game was close, but not terribly difficult or long - a peaceful game with only a few captured stones. The komi (point compensation for going second) tipped the scales in my favor. 13x13 takes much less work than the standard 19x19, especially if play is defensive.

Shape, joseki, and purpose. These are what my go is about, today.

I am quite tired. Time to sleep. *hugs* :)
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