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touch of painted curls
Hi everyone! :) *hugs* More renovation work on Saturday. Some lovely… 
23rd-Nov-2003 07:42 pm
Hi everyone! :) *hugs*

More renovation work on Saturday. Some lovely achey muscles from that. Mm.. *stretch*. :) I really like this sort of work. Let me know if you need help moving / cleaning / refinishing / etc. :)

Stripping wallpaper off old plaster is like a religious experience for me. There's a scene in The Razor's Edge related to this but washing dishes. Old plaster is gorgeous. Even water-damaged and covered head to toe in paint, glue and paper, it'll glow again. I love the eggshell feel and coloring of the uncovered surface. Usually this task peels away over a hundred years of decor. The fuzzy wallpaper phase, the flowery victorian, the dents from moving, the white paint to hide it, the age of cheap paneling, and somewhere under it all, the bare wall. Aesthetics, cleansing, history - it's like uncovering a picasso on every wall.

Random: Perhaps the strongest argument for buying used/older things: "If it were going to break, it would have by now."
23rd-Nov-2003 07:48 pm (UTC)
Funny you post an entry about this (exquisitely written, might I add), seeing as how my own century-old living room walls are stripped bare of wallpaper at the moment. We plan on painting them sometime in the near future. :D
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