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touch of painted curls
Fire spirit, soft and warm, melt away all else but you. 
21st-Dec-2003 02:42 pm
I laugh. These wings are too hot,
Flying so fast just to cool them,
Spirits of company, wrapped in melody,
Weaving, dreaming, it's a painting of life I wish..
I wish you could see,
Give me no choice, confused, undone,
I agree, it's thick, more comfort than fog,
Try to fall and float.
Just try to remember, try to feel sad.
Ask anything, ask nothing,
It's nonsense, these words,
Symbols for what we all know.
For hiding, for learning, for loving.
You know I want more.
And I obsess and doubly.
Collecting words like an old spinstress,
These riddles in the dark appease,
They soothe, taste wet for a moment.
So I want to swim in winter
Melted by desire, by interest.
Only turn your gaze this way,
That's all, m'lady.
(Deleted comment)
21st-Dec-2003 02:30 pm (UTC)
*melts on you* Praise, even! :)

I think I'll have to make the happy phoenix fire my default icon with all the usage it's getting. :)
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