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touch of painted curls
I am such a dork. I just wasted a silly amount of time compiling a… 
24th-Dec-2003 05:50 pm
I am such a dork. I just wasted a silly amount of time compiling a list of all "Slivers" ever printed in Magic. For those not familiar with Slivers, they are a creature type whose abilities generally affect all other Slivers. Designed to be more powerful in combination with each other than on their own.

I omitted various details. All sliver abilities affect all slivers in play unless otherwise noted. Power and toughness is somewhere between 1/1 and 3/3 unless otherwise noted.

Shifting Sliver - Can't be blocked except by Slivers.
Crystalline Sliver - Cannot be target of spells or abilities.
Ward Sliver - Protection from a chosen color (choose as Ward Sliver comes into play).
Mistform Sliver - 1: Sliver gains additional creature type until end of turn
Victual Sliver - 2, Sacrifice: Gain 4 life.
Acidic Sliver - 2, Sacrifice: Deal 2 damage
Mnemonic Sliver - 2, Sacrifice: Draw a card.
Mindwhip Sliver - 2, Sacrifice: Random Discard
Hibernation Sliver - Pay 2 life: return to owner's hand
Clot Sliver - 2: Regenerate
Horned Sliver - Trample
Talon Sliver - First Strike
Heart Sliver - Haste
Winged Sliver - Flying
Hunter Sliver - Provoke
Toxin Sliver - Venom (no regeneration).
Root Sliver - Can't be countered.
Crypt Sliver - Tap: regenerate target Sliver
Quick Sliver - May play slivers as instants
Essence Sliver - Gain life for damage dealt.
Metallic Sliver (1/1 artifact sliver)
Synapse Sliver - Whenever deals combat damage, controller may draw a card.
Brood Sliver - Whenever deals combat damage, create a 1/1 Sliver token.
Plated Sliver - +0,1
Blade Sliver - +1,0
Barbed Sliver - 2: +1,0
Armor Sliver - 2: +0,1
Spectral Sliver - 2: +1,+1
Spined Sliver - +1,+1 for each blocker
Muscle Sliver - +1,+1
Magma Sliver - gain Tap: Slivers get +X,0 where X is # Slivers in play.
Sliver Queen - 7/7, 2: make a 1/1 colorless Sliver.
Sliver Overlord - 7/7, 3: Search your library for a sliver and put it in your hand. 3: Gain control of target Sliver.

I think they were printed in Tempest, Stronghold, Scourge, and Legions.
(Deleted comment)
24th-Dec-2003 04:58 pm (UTC)
I hardly have any either. :) Slivers are only a few years old. My cards are also old... revised, Ice Age, etc.
24th-Dec-2003 06:34 pm (UTC)
Me three. I think that Ice Age was the last expansion I bought any of. Maybe Homelands...

At first I thought you were talking about a slag term for things like plague rats...

Now I'm scared that I still remember such details of the game. I haven't played since 1996.
24th-Dec-2003 07:36 pm (UTC)
*grins* It's amazing. I've seen a lot of players coming out of the woodwork lately. :) A few friends bought some new cards and we've been playing again. :)
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