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touch of painted curls
pleasant and decoding 
24th-Dec-2003 10:14 pm
Opened presents from parents. They gave me a set of two dishes with chopsticks and bamboo placemats, a fleecy blanket from Land's End, and a new L.L.Bean overshirt to replace one I've worn out. My parents are great. :)

Showered. Brushed hair. *purr* :)

Oh.. the things we can learn,
sentence like song, intermixed,
spersed and chaos double building
a slow draft, three raps of a tongue,
seven voices no stops layers mist sweep so quick,
scene in a heartbeat, full motion, contact assault,
crash left, lights flashing 'bove never pause,
boil slap into fire convulsely go down
rake twist her claw mixed panic, black
everything countless there in your head
circles and starburst, sweetness grow bright
all the eyes of a storm, fear-end free,
everyone's here, all voices you know,
puppy-dog pile with its teeth
stirred slowly and shaking
it's madness, you know it.
but you hear. every. one.
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