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touch of painted curls
it's Sunday in Guernsey :) 
28th-Jul-2003 12:04 am
Meep! It's been four days in Guernsey and I haven't posted!

Guernsey's great. elvie and teliver are being absolutely wonderful hosts. We've seen lots of stuff and had all sorts of great food. Everyone wants to take granny home with them. ;)

Quick notes: Mmm... fun peoples, food, accents, funny cars, ocean 'n swimming, fish 'n chips, drinks (yay absinthe), driving on sidewalks, castles and museums and aquariums, fancy apple juice, moggies, shinies and dead cows, cool house, little person, telivision (heh.. imagine that), sunshine and wind (and rain :), lemonade, conversation, semantics and miscellany.

It's a yummy, relaxing, exciting vacation so far. :)

*hugs everyone!* :)
28th-Jul-2003 09:05 am (UTC)
Hey, hope you're having a good time in London by now!

We loved seeing you and it was great having you to stay. You're more than welcome to visit again if you're ever on this side of the pond again :)


And once again... your hair is fab ;)

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