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touch of painted curls
kaze ga fuku hi, i have the moon 
8th-Jan-2004 12:03 pm
I heard this song again yesterday. I still really like it. (The translation's very awkward, but it gets the ideas across. :) My favorite part especially...

"I'm getting used to who I've become, still always changing...
Unaccustomed to myself, no - I'm sure that this is me
Tell me you'll extend your hands and embrace me, oh far sky...
and I'll feel alive."
~風が吹く日 (the days the wind blows), Maaya Sakamoto
And this is interesting:
We have walked in ancient times
And we've been burned for many crimes
We have ended many lives
But we never really died

You have to fly around the world all day
To keep the sun upon your face
I'd like to come and comfort you
But I'd be blinded by the blue

You're going to die under the sun
And I'll be doomed to carry on
You have become like other men
But let me kiss you once again

You have the sun, I have the moon.
~I Have the Moon, Lush
9th-Jan-2004 06:40 am (UTC)
OH thanks for that link! I love Yoko Kanno and pretty much everything she's written. Her work for Cowboy Bebop and Vision of Escaflowne (that this is from) is fantastic. Even better when she combines with Maaya Sakamoto for vocals or the Seat Belts for the CB jazz work. SO. INCREDIBLE.
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