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touch of painted curls
If it were real, would you be so bold? Or would you be afraid...… 
13th-Jan-2004 10:00 pm
If it were real, would you be so bold?
Or would you be afraid... would you worry
about what might happen?

This song was in my head this morning:

It came to me as we were listening
To each other's stories
That I was really listening
To myself talk back to me
I always wished I'd had a sister
Who could also be a friend
Unafraid to share secrets, completely

I was the younger of the two of us,
No stranger to her anger
Reaching out to grab my innocence,
So afraid of what I'd seen
And I saw the smoke behind the mirrors
Where her minotaur was feeding
With a woman's appetite for smashing the serene

Where does all the time go when you look life in the eyes
Witches cone from all around to comfort and to hypnotize
The angel's sleeping as if all our fighting was for naught
And I can't imagine anything as promising as that
Oh no I can't imagine anything as promising as that

Sleep Eliza - may you rest as sweetly as my love
Let the water fill you up
And drown you in the future you'll have
Dream of everything you're going to
Became once you're well
Call upon the tradicion of waking from a spell

People can be easier to love in retrospect
I am bound to you in blood
And secondly, in so much respect
But I am stronger than you know, so you can speak to me

There'll be no down-pour in this desert
There'll be no sweet candy to calm this child
There'll be no jungle-gym to entertain the state I'm in
While my Eliza is still wild

~My Eliza, Rachael Sage

Just wishing can change.
13th-Jan-2004 07:38 pm (UTC)
I like those lyrics
14th-Jan-2004 01:52 am (UTC)
Sometimes friends can also be like sisters that way. One of you seeming older, one of you grasping for the other. I love most the "older" ones and their mysteries...
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