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touch of painted curls
~ tangleroot ~ 
14th-Jan-2004 12:25 pm
unfinished threads and feathery hair
reaching, accepting, they say:
"let me be part of you,"
coils and curls, a strange embrace,
cycles of twining and retwining
a dance in the air, each time closer
ivy and yew, blended with ferns,
each knowing how to live alone
and heart in hand, unraveled,
choosing not to.

I really like this one. I may add to it. :)

Writing this reminded me of a yew I saw two years ago at Brooklyn's Sakura Matsuri. It was really amazing... I hope we have a picture somewhere. Google gave me this one:

It's very different than the one I remember, but has some of the same elements. I always feel like these trees wear their skeletons on the outside. It's striking to see the dark and light wood embrace each other.

I like this ivy, too:

Can I do better? Could I do more?
Some wonder into tomorrow,
And some just "post entry". ;)
14th-Jan-2004 11:54 am (UTC)
both are lovely.
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