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touch of painted curls
16th-Jan-2004 04:29 pm
learning to rise is different each day.
These veins can only say welcome,
breathe you like mist
and hope you stay.

Let the order of thinking be the order of speaking.
(said the chalice from the palace to the flagon with the dragon)
Sometimes it's hard to imagine words put together any other way.
When left behind, never stopping, but revisited unchanged.
Somehow complete. Yes. Well, there's this myth of time...
Someday explained...

Sometimes trying to clean just spreads it all over,
Teach myself one thing just in time to switch.

"...I have found you
Anywhere we may be I will sing with you
a song... It's telling me to hold you tight ..."
~The Last night of the World, Miss Saigon
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