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touch of painted curls
my Q*bert clone 
25th-Jan-2004 06:07 pm
I made this entirely for fun. I was displeased with the emulators I found for Q*bert, and thought it would work nicely in Flash. All the ideas are blatant copyright violation, but the art and code is mine. I don't remember where I got the sounds. The whole thing is about 58k.

my Q*bert clone

To play, click inside the window, then use keyboard arrows. If you've never played Q*bert, it's probably hopeless, but you're supposed to turn all the squares a certain color and avoid the snakes and such. Looks like I wrote eight levels. There are some bugs. Enjoy? :)
26th-Jan-2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
Wow, thats really pretty cool! Tho I'm toally useless at it, got a bit better when I roated my keyboard to match the isometric view ;o)

But I'm impressed, makes me wish I could do more flashy things.
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