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touch of painted curls
I often avoid the news. It usually displeases me. But there's been… 
5th-Feb-2004 12:49 pm
I often avoid the news. It usually displeases me. But there's been some really good news lately.

There was the nice little Italian ruling that mod chips are legal and region restricted DVDs and games are absurd. Some comments here.

Judge Noonan, one of the Ninth Circuit judges who listened to the Morpheus case in which the legality of building a tool without the entertainment industry's permission -- and hence the future of the Internet -- is being decided directed this blast at Ramos, the attorney arguing the entertainment industry's side:

"Let me say what I think your problem is. You can use these harsh terms ["piracy," "theft"], but you are dealing with something new, and the question is, does the statutory monopoly that Congress has given you reach out to that something new. And that's a very debatable question. You don't solve it by calling it 'theft.' You have to show why this court should extend a statutory monopoly to cover the new thing. That's your problem. Address that if you would. And curtail the use of abusive language."

And yesterday, Massachusetts ruling that civil unions will not substitute for marriage.

Yay for smart people in government! :)
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