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touch of painted curls
Behind the clicky you might find rantings on suicide and evangelism.… 
13th-Feb-2004 03:58 pm
Behind the clicky you might find rantings on suicide and evangelism. Beware.

There is a question of personal responsibility: What obligation does one person have for saving another, specifically knowing that they do not want to be saved? The details are defined by the relationship: independence, codependence, respect, etc. There ought to be about people-squared answers. ;)

There are times when I feel I must share my opinion, but they become ever less frequent. For me, it's often an exercise in learning to shut up when someone wants to learn for themselves. Sharing is great, but I think there's a line, we'll just label it obnoxious... where it can become forcing or manipulative.

If you believe in damnation, or otherwise believe death is so terrible, it becomes easy to justify doing "anything you have to" (suspect scary phrase) to save someone. I think helping someone should start from their needs and beliefs, not one's own. How long can you insist that you know someone better than they do?

Ultimately, I believe we are responsible for ourselves. I don't believe in preaching. I consider attempted brainwashing immoral. Conscious will is sacred to me, and I have no wish see it trampled.

Suicide? Self-destruction? Yes. It seems a strange right to question.

I feel inclined to add that much of this is only applicable where there is a disagreement. I am prone to thinking disagreements are miscommunication in disguise. And until someone tells me to piss off, I'll be very reluctant to give up. :)

(This is based on a tangent from this post at theferret. His post was really about handling well-meaning preachers with some understanding, which I have no argument with. Patience and understanding are wonderful. I call upon them often enough myself! ;)
13th-Feb-2004 01:51 pm (UTC)
I agree totally except i don't think it's immoral -- but i don't view things in terms of moral/immoral -- i'd just view it as a bad idea, negative, harmful both to the preacher and to those being preached to. i dislike it strongly.
16th-Feb-2004 09:20 am (UTC) - Re:
Hmm.. thanks! :)

Unhealthy describes it well. The worst cases I've seen involve one person that is easily manipulated, and another that has no qualms about doing so. Seems bad for everyone involved.
13th-Feb-2004 01:58 pm (UTC) - Hmm.
I generally agree with you. The only thing I preach is freedom and self-direction to those who would advocate laws, policies, or social structures that are not supportive of those things. I view it as merely a self-defensive mechanism rather than "saving" someone, really.
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