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touch of painted curls
sweet dreams 
16th-Feb-2004 06:27 pm
Whee! I had a great weekend. :)

Sunday I met ashliana and hermesbrain for brunch, gym, cleaning, Korean dining, DDR, and evening chat. :) I loved it. My body's still burning happily from the exercise (lungs and legs). Slept so well. :)

Saturday I met sutelae, bluesgal, Lea, and others. I wandered around Mount Holyoke getting strange looks from women, not unlike a pet that is obviously lost. bluesgal's dumplings are da yummah. We made breast and penis-shaped brownies, with decorative frosting in all the er, right places. There was so much... porn. Still recovering. ;)

For love of adventure, traveling around the world to find yourself home again, stretch the places you know, the chances of hearing a call, Hey, Jesse, is that you?

"Some days you have to look pretty hard to see the luckiest man alive."

I love Calvin and Hobbes.

I'm a bit behind on LJ stuff. Sorry to anyone who was looking for me. Attention-calls welcome.

So grateful for people who only live 1.5 hours away! mwa. :)

"Lexus buyers wanted a hybrid, but they didn't want to be in a vehicle that was recognized as such," a Lexus spokesman, Bill Ussery, said.

Took a kinkiness test. 558 or so.

One of my coworkers made a build of his gnutella client to simply download every mp3 it could find until he ran out of disk space. I'm listening to it now, on shuffle. :) It's an interesting mix! ;)

Excited. Lots of stuff to do. :)
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