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touch of painted curls
Won't you come out and play with me? 
19th-Feb-2004 06:13 pm
"Obviously, civil disobedience - if done in a peaceful, non-violent way - is a tool available to everyone to use ... Of course, in either case, I'd expect the mayor to take his medicine when (and if) the courts slap him down (part of civil disobedience is willing acceptance of consequences). But what he's doing, in essence, is questioning the constitutionality of a state law. That's a fair thing to do ... There are times when breaking the law is justified social protest."
~from http://www.amptoons.com/blog/

The lessonbook teaches that the punishment will increase until the behavior is correct. The rules are everything. The diligent student quickly learns, learns the price of testing, the cost of failure, the balance of power. It's written in stone until it crumbles. The smallest always slip through, take what they need. Try not to disturb the devil most cheated, always keep your count. Use a shoulder if you have one, we children love our games.
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