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touch of painted curls
So I went to Needham for a day. I got hair cut and a lovely French… 
23rd-Feb-2004 04:47 pm
So I went to Needham for a day. I got hair cut and a lovely French dinner Saturday night. Will post pictures at some point. :)

The place was Sel de la Terre (salt of the earth) in Boston.

I tried all of these:
Roasted shallots and garlic confit
Assortment of condiments (These were based on hummus, olive, and goat cheese)
Endless breads, french, rye, olive, wheat, etc
Mixed green salad with avocado and radish; truffle vinaigrette
Baked aged goat cheese with arugula salad, pine nuts, red onion and balsamic
Grilled pork tenderloin with ragout of sweet peppers, capers, and arugula; chick pea frites
Pan roasted Alaskan cod with black trumpet mushrooms, white asparagus, and beet puree; grilled littleneck clam and citrus salad
Wood smoked free range chicken with caramelized apples, sage, poached foie gras and French lentils
Provencal braised boneless beef shortribs with tomato, green olives and grilled scallions
Grilled asparagus with shallots and garlic
Sauteed spinach with parmesan
Chocolate fondant cake with white chocolate creme anglaise
Vanilla bean creme brûlée
Banana strudel, coconut ice cream, and roasted pineapple
Dacquoise aux trois chocolats
Sweet goat cheese cake with cassis coulis
Passion fruit sorbet with blood oranges
Slices of French cheeses.
Cognac, some French red wine (supposedly a shiraz, yummy regardless), margarita.

They were all yummy. It's not cheap.
23rd-Feb-2004 02:48 pm (UTC)
oh god i hate you.
oh god i must go there.
what's wrong w/ shiraz you heathen? it's not port admittedly, but!
oh let me express my envy and hate some more *puts you on flambe-insertaccentthingie- w/ shiraz-cognac mixture*
23rd-Feb-2004 06:00 pm (UTC) - Re:
Aww... I love you anyways. :) *hugs, shares*
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