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touch of painted curls
seeds planted wait out the long cold night A dream... I took a class… 
24th-Feb-2004 02:13 am
seeds planted wait out the long cold night

A dream... I took a class on social analysis. Some of the statistics looked like OkCupid stuff. :) There were meetings with lots of geniuses and mathematicians and such. An indestructible pseudo-god kept killing people, more like a colossal golem, really. He got out of hand and had to be destroyed. Didn't take that long once people tried. Airplane engineers and my bicycle wheels had fractals for spokes, interlaced, merging with each other. One guy got punched like in a movie, then tucked into a closet when a woman tsked. Then she smiled. A little decorum. ashliana was around. :)

And ashliana asked me the other day where my user name came from. I tried a number of other things first, but have grown fond of this one. I was thinking of a couple short notes at the time...

tonight I take the paper underwater
and try to draw myself peering down through its rippled surface
be sure to write in ink the water will love.
(written during a candlelit bath)

when you've had enough of going inside yourself
and you've had enough of going out,
there is one more place to go.
skim the surface and you can see underwater and above,
tonight you can walk on water.
(It's hard to believe I was sober for this one. ;)

And I found these while looking for the ones above, so I'll post them, too:

I want to see the landscape melt,
its leaves running like water
and water growing into the sky
clouds will swirl as paint
and I will dissolve into colors
(written while driving across the northeast)

blue under blue
white upon white
underwatercolors over oil
(just a daydream, probably first usage, circa 2002)

The icon painting also shares the name. It's three feet square/diamond canvas with a very wet application of oil paints. I was too impatient to let layers dry before starting the next, so they mixed and bled a bit.

It's a bad username on several levels. It's long, right at the limit for an LJ name. It's hard to communicate. And even I use the alternate spelling of colour sometimes. And blue is not my most favorite color, though I love them all.

It is ambiguous. 'underwater color', 'under watercolor' and the three words separately were all considered. The first in its singularity implies one paint that could render an entire underwater scene, in life or on canvas. It's a somewhat magic bottle of all the colors you might see in the ocean... the color of underwater, and I have claimed it. Even without magic paint, no one can say which of the sea's colors I'd choose, least of all me, so it will always be all of them in uncertainty.

The second reading rests its weight on 'under'. Here unrestricted to aquatic life, watercolor could be anything. You can be sure it's had wet feet, even if it seems dry at times. Watercolors are useless for covering to hide; it all shows through. I'll layer anything, though.

The words separately give a relation or place, an element and a sense. Under is not so low as beneath. Under is below with a purpose. Water is every shape, movement and change. Water is calming, precious, vibrant, life, drink deeply. Color is various, passion, art, image, intensity.

This took much longer to write than to think. And.. umm.. yeah, I'm a dork. That is all. ;)
24th-Feb-2004 07:44 am (UTC)
That was wonderfully pleasant to read ... thank you!

"seeds planted wait out the long cold night"
Some seeds need the intense prolong cold of winter to germinate in the spring warmth; some seeds need the intense heat of summer fire to germinate in the spring's humid chill.
Ain't it a great little planet, though?

24th-Feb-2004 12:40 pm (UTC)
Mmm, lovely. *hugs* :)
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