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touch of painted curls
Saltwater burns my face. Outside, spring awakens. I had a really… 
4th-Mar-2004 02:44 am
Saltwater burns my face. Outside, spring awakens.

I had a really intense fever today. I spent the whole day curled up in bed, cold, sweating, just trying to breathe. When I finally measured it it was 101 to 102 degrees. Feeling a bit better now. Going back to bed soon. They say you shouldn't bundle up when you have a high fever, but it's hard not to. It's pretty amazing how human bodies regulate and maintain their temperature.

I was thinking about how my favorite stories don't explain everything, but that alone is not a recipe for success. The story should only be confusing for a purpose:
  • If the subject's emotion involves uncertainty, the reader shouldn't be sitting comfortably in the omniscient seat. Fear and dreams do not answer a call for explanation.

  • If there's something that must be imagined, leave it to the imagination.

  • If it would be boring, slow or unnecessary to spell out, don't.

Watched a bit more Scrapped Princess. The character I liked died.
5th-Mar-2004 05:38 am (UTC)
Sorry you're poorly :(

Hey, those three points really helped me with something. See, I was working on a book and got stuck because I knew the ending but I was finding it really hard to bridge the rest of the book to the ending because it WAS kinda slow and boring to spell out. I wonder if I can skim over the bridge somewhat and move quicker to the ending.

Thanks :)
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