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touch of painted curls
not sleeping 
6th-Mar-2004 03:23 am
always pleasantly surprised
just keep moving,
there'll be time enough for looking back.

I used to fold more neatly
then slip from one cubby to the next
without notice.
bouncy will'o'wisp
seven fonts in one hand, back pocket in the other.
but you grow, and it's harder to go unnoticed,
need the effort elsewhere.
(from: I hate being put in a bucket.)

stories to tell, oh my. scheherezade when you need to be,
there's a price and you pay, willingly or gladly.
a hard-to-follow trail for childrens' quick footsteps,
sleepy moonlight laughing.

repeat as needed.
redundancy can be removed (I can do it nine times)
missing isn't always missing, either.
6th-Mar-2004 10:03 am (UTC)
scheherezade is a beautiful piece.

feeling any better?
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