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touch of painted curls
5th-Aug-2003 04:04 pm

I had guards like watchdogs, dogs in a manger
I could feel the protection, possession and anger
I drove out of there with no one behind me
Feeling funny and free

I laughed as I said it this is my situation
It's not pictures or priviledge it's just self-preservation
I don't want you to feel any obligation
Feels so funny to be free

I remember you
When we were shiny and new now you guard your faith
Temper your speed

We act empty and innocent but we are fueled by distortions
Of lives led in discontent trading misfortunes
Cause faith is one thing that is hard to deliver

It feels so funny to be free
All of us, all of us, all of us, all of us
Pretty pretenders, negligent vendors
Aren't we precious inside
I have no need for anger with intimate strangers
I got nothing to hide
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