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touch of painted curls
[self] geek generation and forgotten embarassment 
6th-Mar-2004 11:54 pm
Some notes on The Geek Generation. There's no other name for it. There are lots of kinds of geeks. We learned "geek" as a child's insult. But a geek is rarely afraid of being called a geek. And we grow into our legacy.

Where everyone knows where the money is. You may not be a Microsoft geek. You could be eBay, Yahoo, Amazon, or a nameless dot bomb. You might be cool and idolize Google or Livejournal. You might not dig computers. You could be a comic book geek, you could be printing money in the form of Magic or Pokemon's bastard child. Awaiting the next final fantasy, Harry Potter, thousands making their own. The geeks are growing.

It's a generation of mindful obsessions, one after another. One that doesn't give a damn for being normal. It might even respect you doing your thing while I do mine.

Self-formed culling and respect. Really, as specialization, as the depth of any given subject increases, it becomes hard to participate in society without becoming a geek. Of course, embracing it is the next step or perhaps twelve or so. ;) And then there are the pun geeks. ;)

No one ever bothered to send the message that we won. It's not really important. The geeks have been running the show for some time now.

Bored with that topic for now. I'm sure someone else will do it eventually anyway. ;) We'll call it open source.

"She backed into a doorway and pulled up her skirt and squatted to pee, warm wetness on her stockings. she had lost--it was wonderful--she had lost her ability to be embarassed." (Galveston, Sean Stewart)

Forgot to post this this morning. I like bits like this. Remembered while peeing and listening to All Over You. (And no, I wasn't peeing on myself, I just felt like I was wearing a skirt. ;)
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