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touch of painted curls
danna for a day 
8th-Mar-2004 02:30 am
Much fun. Got lots of stuff done this morning.

hemesbrain and ashliana visited me! Yay! It was good to see them.ashliana successfully transported what is now her VW Jetta to its new home. I have one less car to worry about!

Speaking of cars to get rid of, if any of you want a 1985 Plymouth Voyager van, let me know. Works, is reliable, but not a sexy car. Any good homes out there? :)

and for ashliana,
Here's the list of stuff you could fix, everything I could think of:

  • Front turn signal light needs new plastic lens.

  • Passenger side needs floormat. ;)

  • It's been sitting for a few months. I think it could use an oil change and tuneup-type thing. I changed the oil regularly. Previous owner followed service manual service schedule.

  • May want new front tires (at some point)

  • Weather seal on driver's side door broke. Mildly annoying.

  • Dome light is using wrong size bulb and could use a new switch (probably easy to replace whole thing)

  • Could replace nylon rope insulated exhaust hanger with rubber one ($3 or less, usually free, esp. at Meineke, since it's all their fault.) The rope may last longer though... if I tied it well. Anyway, this all just makes pipes rattle more or less. Not serious. You'll hear it if it gets worse.

  • A/C didn't work last I tried it, but used to. May just need recharging. Never tried to fix.

  • Cruise control never worked for me. I heard it could be tricky to fix.

  • Some wiring around battery could be improved. Sometimes I'd have to smack it around.

  • Front speaker wiring to radio also could be better. I think something is loose.

  • I never saw the interior trunk light work. I messed with it for about five minutes and gave up. May want to check the license plate bulbs, too.. one may be out.

  • Missing several decorative wheelcovers (they fall off - doesn't really matter.) Ditto plastic near front wheel.

  • Sometimes leaks oil and burns it off. May be a loose valve cover. It's mostly an annoyance... not serious, but smells icky.

  • Leather around stick is totally worn out, obviously.

  • Could touch-up paint some little rust spots before they get bigger (if you care about looks).

  • Oh.. those stupid door handles will stick in the winter sometimes. It's really fun. I used to cup my hands and melt them with my breath. Not really broken, just stupid design. ;)

Heh! Lots! All small, though. :)

And stuff that was fixed in the past couple years: (with approximate amounts)

  • Replaced exhaust, everything behind the catalytic converter. Done at Meineke in NH. Warranteed for a long time at any of theirs. (~300)

  • Replaced basically all the brakes, front, back, emergency, incl. calipers and drums. May have some warranty here at Cole Muffler. (~900)

  • New cooling pump and related stuff. I had some problems with this, at one point. Might leak or something. George's Auto, here. (~300)

  • New starter. also George's Auto. (~300)

  • And some battery terminals. They kept corroding.

We were all hungry and went out for sushi and hibachi right away at Ta-Ke Japanese Steak House (500 Northern Boulevard, Albany). All reasonably good. :)

Then all played DDR. Still feel like my body-brain bus is operating at reduced speed. After being sick, as I start to recover, I usually have lots of energy. It's a challenge to both take it easy and use up that energy. Harder to refind balance than to simply keep it.

Today pleased me very much. First real productivity since being sick. I loved seeing ashliana, and ecstatic, too. :) Company, food, entertainment, comfort and happiness. Another good weekend. :)
8th-Mar-2004 05:38 am (UTC)
yay!!! :)

thank you so much!

look forward to seeing you again. :)
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