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touch of painted curls
from article on nikkinewsnet ...the technology could transform… 
8th-Mar-2004 03:30 pm
from article on nikkinewsnet
...the technology could transform parenting into nothing more than a "planning exercise".
Bishop Anthony Fisher, a health ethics spokesman for the Catholic church, said: "Any technological development that is a project that we control rather than a gift we receive is a concern."
Hmm... we shouldn't make any decisions or try to plan anything, especially using technology. If we perfect the art of not thinking, God may reward us with a brain.</cynic>
Asked whether the discarding of human embryos, which is involved in the technique, raised ethical questions, Sandra Dill, executive director of the support and education group ACCESS Infertility Network, said: "It does, but it's an ethical question for the couple involved.
"We argue that the people who create the embryos are the ones who value life and value children. Regardless of whether they are infertile of not, their wishes should be respected, because they are the ones who value the embryos the most."
I like that. :) I'm pretty big on letting parents do what they want, though. Even in some extreme cases. I don't think we're anywhere near consensus on how to raise a child (as if such a thing exists).

crispy lips, cracking, break this shell around me,
it's funny how often gods and chance are two sides of a coin.

One of my coworkers set up this donation site. It's entertaining. Have a look!
8th-Mar-2004 12:50 pm (UTC)
hahaha. his site is funny. but that save karyn thing is fucking crazy! i'd never seen that before. i can't believe how quickly she got so much stuff! damn.
8th-Mar-2004 01:16 pm (UTC)
Wow... yeah.. I just spent some time browsing that, and chatting with Chuck. The Karyn thing is scary.
8th-Mar-2004 03:07 pm (UTC)
Eeeyeah, I just get kinda nervous about the idea of messing with human genetic material. If we screw up and make babies with genetic mistakes that will carry over to the next generation, we could mess up our species something awful.
8th-Mar-2004 08:38 pm (UTC)
Hope you don't mind if I respond. :)

There are aspects of it that make me nervous. I have little reason to use it myself. But that's somewhat beside the point. People should always have the right not to use it if it makes them uncomfortable. It's forbidding others who want to take that chance from doing so does not seem right to me. The article is talking about some people who /are/ messed up trying to have children who aren't. Succeed or fail, I have no problem with them trying. It may turn out the same, worse, or better, but I'm not the one who has to live with those odds.

Now, that said, we're already messing up our species pretty well without genetic engineering. The entire aim of medicine - to extend and improve the lives of those with medical problems - is unsound in the long term. If people with genetic defects, weak immune systems, diabetes, poor vision - you name it, are able to live and reproduce thanks to medicine, we extend the life and prevalence of those problems, defects, conditions. But no one is about to tell someone with diabetes that they're better off dead, "for the species". We only hope those with serious conditions are responsible about having children. How best to do that... I don't know. :)

Thanks. :)
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